Event Sponsorship

If you are interested in sponsoring the 2017 Franklin Wine Festival – in any way –contact Sarah Beatty or call (615) 522-5659.

Volunteer for the Event

It takes over 250 community volunteers to successfully execute this event each year. If you would like to volunteer please fill out the volunteer registration here or contact or contact, Shelby Huggins or call (615) 522-5665.

Restaurant Inquiries

If your restaurant would like to get involved contact, Shelby Huggins or call (615) 522-5665.

Auction Donations

If you would like to donate an auction item contact, Connie Harvey or call (615) 400-6655.

Nominations for King & Queen of the Vines

Know someone who would make a great candidate? Please contact, Wendy Dyes or call (615) 715-0913.

Exhibiting Wine Inquiries

Do you represent a vintage you’d like to be considered for the Grand Tasting? Please contact, Penny Floyd or call (615) 771-7436.

Learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee

Visit www.mentorakid.org or call (615) 329-9191.